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Non-Profit Sourcing & Savings Solutions



Small business's continue to struggle in this stalled economy. We have had a successful model reducing spend and performing contract management actions for the Catholic church and schools in several key categories-resulting in lower costs.

Proqur (pronounced- 'pro-cure') Consulting Inc. is the missing piece of the puzzle in opening the door for lowering the product and administrative costs associated with procuring supplies. For over 8 years now we have identified & implemented savings within the categories of Indirect, Office & MRO spend for several Roman Catholic Dioceses in the Midwest. 

Sourcing & Spend Management-What is it? How does it translate to saving money?

Leveraging your spend with other churches, schools and administrative offices within the Catholic church makes sense, why continue to act alone and miss out on savings. Our sourcing solutions & buying power allows you to quickly start achieving the savings needed. The time to focus on reducing costs, consolidating suppliers and & managing the risks within your supplier base is needed. Our staff has over 50 years extensive experience in leveraging spend via supplier networking, consolidation, and management of indirect spend via manually driven, web based and e-Procurement technology. We know how the church operates and we can help immediately. Why pay third party consultants to help you identify savings when we do it at no cost to the Catholic church or school. This is part of our stewardship and we are blessed to be able to share our time, talents and treasure that God has provided us. No more paying high consulting fees or sharing a large percentage of the savings found with third parties. 

You won't find that with us, you will not find another solution as affordable as Proqur's, guaranteed.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help.

Some areas we can help reduce costs:

  • Quick hit savings approach (see results in as little as 2 weeks)
  • Proven & reliable MRO sourcing & spend solutions
  • Quick & efficient supplier consolidation
  • Out of the box savings on some categories
  • Process & procedure improvements
  • Short-term & long-term spend management assistance
  • Sourcing & project management of capital equipment needs
  • eProcurement solutions, deployment & training via our supplier partners

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"Proqur + You = Key to Success"